Abstract Artist

Who ?

I live in a quiet area with lots of forests and small mountains. I love being surrounded by the silence of nature. I was born in 1988 and had a protected childhood and loving parents.

I am interested in everything. And I really mean everything. From quantum physics to gardening, from mathematics to food, from computer science to stones, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, literature … this list is endless.

Lepidax is not my real name, it’s just an alias under which i publish my artworks. It is a combination of the Latin words “lepidus” (kind, funny) and “audax” (brave).

Why ?

My mother encouraged me to try painting. Already after the first brush stroke with acrylic paint on the canvas, I noticed that something was changing inside me. My creativity started to boil, hunderds of ideas rolled over in my head and since then painting has become the most important part of my life.

What ?

If you asked me about my favorite artists, I would have to name Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí and Hilma Af Klint. But I like many, many more like Rothko, Mondrian, Richter and many not so famous artists. I couldn’t say that one artist had a huge impact on my own works. When I was 12 years old, the first abstract painting that caught my attention was “Bleu II” by Jean Miro. I felt that something deep, meaningful was going on in this painting. It was a fascinating experience, as if I was trying to uncover a powerful secret, something that can not be put into words.

Since then my passion for abstract art has been awakened.