Art is crucial to our culture. In the past modern contemporary art was mostly found in a museum and abstract minimalist art could rarly be found outside a gallery. But times changed. Today you encounter every kind of art no matter where you are. I also try to use the digital space to present my abstract art alongside the classical places.

Virtual art gallery
 | 2020 |

“Art is a constantly failing experiment, trying to catch the true nature of things. “ Lepidax

» I love all kinds of paintings, contemporary, minimalist, expressionism… but my passion lives in the world of the abstract art. The freedome of creation is only limited by my own imagination and my very personal understanding of aesthetics. Sometimes i have an idea, a message i want to bring to life, sometimes i’m just floating on my emotions and dont know what will emerge. I am never entirely satisfied with the result, but that’s ok. The world, in all its beauty, isn’t perfect either. Perfection is something absolute. We may seek for it, but we will never arrive.

Events & Exhibitions

There are currently no events or exhibitions.

But you can watch my paintings here at the virtual art gallery or on my Facebook and Instagram sites.